PM Narendra Modi to address nation on new year’s eve likely at 7:30 pm

Demonetization decision taken by the respected prime minister has provoked people to feed undesirable rumors. Though the step taken to challenge the black money hoarders led to very complex situation for the common people as well. Modi Ji has been promising the nation that after the 50 days everything will come to track but in so far as we see nothing looks to come on the track back. There are still long queue at many ATMs and also the administration many a places is very bad and people have to suffer.


Although as far as economy is concerned it may be expected that it will be in favor of the nation in later years. We can see large amounts are being seized by the police or administration from the people who violated the law and this is simply the result of the strict step so taken.

Common people are standing with Modi, and they are ready to suffer this difficult hour because they believe in our Prime Minister and hopefully the step will bring a very beautiful result.

Now On the New year’s eve likely on 7:30 pm our PM will address the nation and this will be worthy to watch. Through the times many changes have took place and it will be stressed if any other decision be made on the day.

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Written by Lokesh Kapoor

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