English Grammar Quiz : Get At least 8 Points to Pass

english grammar quiz

This is a simple grammar quiz consisting of a few easy questions. Enjoy Answering it and also share with your social media friends.

  • Question of

    Deepak _ his teeth before breakfast every morning.

    • will cleaned
    • is cleaning
    • cleans
    • clean
  • Question of

    Sorry, she can’t come to the phone. She _ a bath!

    • have
    • has
    • having
    • is having
  • Question of

    How many students in your class _ from New Delhi?

    • come
    • comes
    • came
    • are coming
  • Question of

    Shubham: “What _ in the evenings?” Muskan: “Usually I watch TV or read a book.”

    • you doing
    • you do
    • do you do
    • are you doing
  • Question of

    Jane _ her blue jeans today, but usually she wears a skirt or a dress.

    • wear
    • wears
    • wearing
    • is wearing
  • Question of

    You can keep my iPod if you like. I _ use it any more.

    • don’t
    • doesn’t
    • didn’t
    • am not using
  • Question of

    _ many times every winter in J&K.

    • It snowed
    • There is snow
    • It snows
    • It is snowing
  • Question of

    Sorry, you can’t borrow my pencil. I _ it myself.

    • was using
    • using
    • use
    • am using
  • Question of

    At a school dance: Akhilesh: ” _ yourself?” Rahul: “Yes, I’m having a great time!”

    • You enjoying
    • Enjoy you
    • Do you enjoy
    • Are you enjoying
  • Question of

    What time _

    • the train leaves?
    • leaves the train?
    • is the train leaving?
    • does the train leave?

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