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Viral Painting with 40 best Indian Ads Hidden

The Viral Painting with 40 best Indian Ads Hidden: Some identifiable advertisement from the 40 best Indian advertisement hidden picture are as follows:

The Viral Painting with 40 best Indian Ads Hidden

Viral Painting with 40 best Indian Ads: Today’s generation kids will never know the craziness the ads used to create among people during the 90s era. A lot has changed over the years. Lifestyle, necessities, food habits and many more things have changed. Similarly our entertainment media. Earlier the source of entertainment was just televisions and radios but now smart phones are there to keep you updated about everything and it has the capacity to keep you more indulged than television. But among all these changes, one more thing that has changed is the marketing strategies and the way advertising is done now. A Painting with 40 best Indian Advertisement hidden has recently gone viral on social media.

Nowadays people spend their maximum time watching series and show on their smartphones and ads are usually not included in it. But this was not the case in the 90s. Those were the days, when creativity in ads can be seen. People use to remember them and each line. One such thing that reminds us of those years is a picture which is going viral nowadays. There’s a picture over the internet displaying 40 really famous advertisements of 90s. This 40 best Indian advertisement hidden picture is viral with a caption in which people are being asked to identify or spot those ads.

This picture has been really strategically designed and it’s absolutely not an easy task to spot the ads. But many people are trying hard to identify them. While many other just felt nostalgic while going through that image.

Some identifiable advertisement from the 40 best Indian advertisement hidden picture are as follows:

  1. Surf Excel (Lalita Ji)
  2. Maruti
  3. Amulet
  4. Dairy milk
  5. Taj Mahal Tea
  6. Coca cola
  7. Bajaj scooters
  8. Feviquick

These ads are easily identifiable and may help you figure out how to spot the ads but this is not it readers. There are 40 best Indian advertisement which you should try hard to identify them. Go back in your memory lane and remind yourself all those beautiful advertisement that were a big part of your life then. This picture is really well designed as it not only makes you nostalgic but also gives you a task to recollect all the advertisement and identify them and test your memory.

So go and have a look at this amazing picture and try to find out as many best Indian advertisement as possible from all 40 of them. This picture will surely make this generation understand how relevant these ads have been at that time and how much efforts were put back then in the creativity in marketing products.

Here are all 40 Advertisement which are hidden in the picture :

1 – Happy Dent

2 – Asian Paints

3 – Vodafone Zoo Zoo

4 – Maruti Suzuki

5 – Vicks

6 – Bournvita

7 – Surf (Lalita Ji)

8 – ECE Bulbs

9 – Fevicol

10 – Colgate

11 – Dhara

12 – Humara Bajaj

13 – Cadbury Dairy Milk

14 – Palmolive ( Kapil Dev)

15 – Gillette

16 – Whisper

17 – Coca Cola

18 – Liril

19 – VIP Frenchie

20 – MRF Zigma

21 – Hutch

22 – Fevikwik

23 – Lifebuoy

24 – Nike

25 – Brooke Bon Taj Mahal Tea

26 – Nirma

27 – Lijjat Papad

28 – Onida TV

29 – Surf Excel

30 – Idea Cellular

31 – Airtel Internet

32 – Britannia Glucon D

33 – Pepsi

34 – Cadbury 5 star

35 – Pepsi (Dhoni)

36 – Google

37 – Ariel

38 – Balbir Pasha Ko AIDS Hoga Kya?

39 – Amul

40 – Madhya Pradesh Tourism

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How many did you spot from the Viral Painting with over 40 best Indian Ads Hidden ? Hope you enjoyed the post. Share the post with your friends on social media.

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