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You may get arrested if you caught playing PUBG Mobile

Ban on PUBG in Rajkot is taking a new dimension, 10 arrested

You may get arrested if you caught playing PUBG Mobile

Yes, you heart it right. In Rajkot, it was announced that anyone who is caught playing PUBG Mobile will be arrested. If you are among the few that don’t know what PUBG mobile is, then let me tell you that it is one of the most trending games currently being played by millions of users all over the world. In just the span of a year, the game is getting a drastic response. The government is worried about its harmful effects on children.

In Rajkot, the government decided to arrest the people who will be caught playing PUBG mobile game. The ongoing initiations are being made to curb the overuse & overspend time on this game. The people claim that this game is making the people of cruel tendency and that is why the government should take quick and rigid actions for preventing people from playing this game.

In the last two day, in Rajkot, Ahmedabad approx 10 people have been arrested playing PUBG. Among them, 6 were college students.

Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal had prevented in a notice to play PUBG game and Momo Challenge game.

All got bailed

In the press release of police, it is evident that all the arrested people got bailed who were caught under Indian Panel Code section 188. According to Police Commissioner, the prevention of playing such games is pretty essential. It not only destroys the studies but also gives harmful attitude disease.

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